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Przysiółek Kresy

A warm, relaxing room in the heart of the forest?

Przysiółek Kresy invites you to enjoy an atmospheric spa area with a Finnish sauna and steam bath. We will take care of you providing deep relaxation after a busy day, a sleepless night or a head full of thoughts. Using a sauna is not only relaxing, but also very beneficial to your health.

• Top quality spa equipment.
• Promotional price for guests Przysiółka Kresy
• Views conducive to relaxation
It is possible to book individual care and relaxation treatments.

The Cappa

At the disposal of our guests we offer:
•Finnish sauna and steam sauna,
•A heated couch for cooling feet,
•showers along with a cebre,
•An atmospheric rest room with a fireplace and a beautiful view of the forest.
Saunas in the SPA area
  • Finnish sauna
    Finnish sauna (dry sauna) is characterized by high temperature (even above 100°C) and very low humidity (at about 10 - 15%). Staying in it is great for relaxation and relaxation, allows to regenerate tired muscles and joints. It supports the immune system, so regular use of it helps to avoid colds and various infections. Finnish sauna, available in the SPA area in Przysiółku Kresy (Bełchatów, woj. Łódzkie), it is advisable for people with high or irregular blood pressure - the high temperature makes the blood vessels dilate, which causes a drop in pressure. In addition, the Finnish sauna improves heart function. Treatments in this type of sauna speed up metabolism, aiding weight loss processes, have a detoxifying effect and help maintain beautiful skin.
  • Steam sauna
    The second type of sauna we provide in the spa area in the Przysiółku Kresy koło Bełchatowa, is a steam sauna. It is characterized by a relatively low air temperature (about 50 - 65°C), but high humidity (up to 100%). Due to the endorphins that the body produces under the influence of high temperature, it positively affects our mood. Such a sauna cleanses the body, improves immunity and overall health. It is indicated, among others, for diseases of the nervous and circulatory systems, as well as for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic pains and post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system. The steam sauna in the SPA at our center near Belchatow also has an invaluable effect on beauty - by using the treatments regularly, you will notice a visible improvement in the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

The Cappa

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