Przysiółek is more than just a great place for a wedding. We have hundreds of experiences behind us and will professionally advise you on everything. We will do a good job as a wedding planner.
The staff will take care of a number of details. We support in the organization, advise and help you decide. Premium quality food: fresh, tasty, beautifully served.

Why with us?

Area - we have a huge, picturesque area that allows you to breathe fully. Perfect for a wedding ceremony and session.

Premium kitchen - always fresh ingredients, an experienced chef and a varied menu according to the wishes of the bride and groom.

Helping hand - we serve you every step of the way, advising you, keeping an eye on the details and supporting you from the first conversation. We take care of your comfort and satisfaction by participating in the realization of your dream event.

The wedding hall

Our spacious, air-conditioned interiors can entertain up to 300 people (po połączeniu dwóch sal). Przysiółek Kresy koło Bełchatowa is located in one of the more picturesque corners of the województwa łódzkiego. The cozy and versatile decor and the woods surrounding the hall build a romantic and unique atmosphere that allows you to celebrate the day properly.

Additional Activities and Menus

In order to diversify the course of the reception, we offer theme tables such as Italian, fish or sweet cafe, barbecue amendments and many other attractions, on request. With the beginning of each season, we prepare new, unusual proposals for newlyweds.

Winter wedding

In winter, when the nights are long, and the forests, surrounding located in a beautiful setting, not far from Belchatow, Przysiółek Kresy covers white fluff, weddings are accompanied by an unusual fairy-tale atmosphere. Thanks to the glazing in the restaurant, this magical aura can freely penetrate into the interiors... The organization of a wedding in winter also means greater availability of dates, a lower minimum number of guests and additional pleasures.

Outdoor weddings